Tracts for the Military

I realize that any good doctrinally sound evangelistic tract is good for someone in the military. Below are some choices.

At Rest?
Bible Truth Publishers
At Rest? is a full-colored tract that you can distribute to military personnel. This tract is embeddable to your website; it can be shared thru email; or you can print it.

Can You Tell Me the Way to Heaven?
Bible Truth Publishers
One morning we were holding the line when our company came under heavy fire. Suddenly there was a black cloud as a shell exploded and pieces of shrapnel whizzed past us. Poor Bert took a hit and fell hard. Jim and another buddy jumped down and picked him up. He was still alive, but it was clear we were going to lose him. Jim and other soldiers found empty sandbags and an old jacket and laid Bert on them in the bottom of the trench.

Faith Works Media
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How Can I Be Saved?
Bible Truth Publishers
The Bible will tell you. Take the illustration Jesus Christ used with Nicodemus; you couldn’t have a better one. Jesus took him to the answer:

Is There Hope?
Bible Truth Publishers
he seas were rough and frigid that afternoon of December 17. After checking the surface for ships in her vicinity, the crew of the 800 ton submarine USS S-4 ended her run by bringing up her periscope directly in the path of an onrushing former US naval destroyer.

It Really Works!
Bible Truth Publishers
Many years ago I served in the army during a major war. Measles broke out and many of the brave soldiers died. The epidemic got so bad we moved all the measles patients into separate tents to protect, as far as possible, the health of the other soldiers. I was wardmaster in charge of the measles patients

Military Tracts
Tract League
A Word for The Troops is a military tract that is available at The Tract League website.

Perfectly Prepared
Bible Truth Publishers
In late May 1944, the naval vessels were being loaded for the vast invasion of the Normandy coast. Winston Churchill, prime minister of England, wanted to go but King George VI forced him to sit home. Eisenhower and all the other top staff had to stay home with him.

Bible Truth Publishers
Before the first battle of the Solomon Islands during World War II, a destroyer left the United States. Each man was given a New Testament and Psalms. One man, who’d never read a Bible before, stuck his copy in his pocket and forgot about it.

Saved in a War Zone
Bible Truth Publishers
Captain Gunther was the chaplain, a dear Christian man who loved the Lord Jesus. He was one of God’s faithful servants during the Vietnam War who risked his own life by holding these little services for any soldiers who would come. He couldn’t hold the services on a regular basis, so an assistant would work around to our foxholes to tell us when he was planning to hold a service.

The Colonel's Mistake
Bible Truth Publishers
During the Spanish-American War, Theodore Roosevelt, who loved his troops, was very concerned when some of them got sick. Hearing that Clara Barton (who devoted herself to nursing the wounded soldiers) had received a supply of special food for the sick under her care, Colonel Roosevelt asked to buy some for the sick men of his regiment.

The Chaplain
This soldier learns that it`s not what you know that gets you into heaven. It`s WHO you know.... Jesus!

The Man Who Died for Me: The Airman's Story
Bible Truth Publishers
A co-pilot is suddenly replaced by a friend who dies on takeoff.

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