Military Families, Military Marriages, and Raising Children Books and Courses

Defending The Military Family
CRU Military
Taking time-tested principles you will find this study to be a practical and enlightening way to gain great insight into how to deal with the issues you face in raising your children while in the military.

Defending Your Military Marriage
CRU Military
Your Marriage—defend it with honor, guard it with vigilance, preserve it with love.

Finding Hope Beyond The Battle Bible
Christian Book|1005397
When loved one leaves home to serve, you make sacrifices and your world changes. Your sacrifice is not forgotten, and you are not alone.
Finding Hope Beyond the Battle Bible features stories of military spouses and the challenges they faced. Developed specifically for military families, this Bible points to our greater hope beyond all personal and political battles. Study notes will help explore the unfolding drama of God's story

Honored to Serve: Guidance and Encouragement for Military Families in Transition
Christian Book
Military families are constantly in transition, but transition does not have to be unmanageable. Honored to Serve provides tools to deal with issues such as combat-related stress, financial hardships, wounded relationships, reentry into civilian life, and more. Written from the perspectives of a military service person and a spouse, this insightful book not only encourages military families but also provides a wealth of resources for soldiers and their loved ones.

Military Ministries International Marriage Course

Military Missions Course

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