Bible Studies

Basic Bible Study Series
The Basic Bible Study Series will help you to understand the basics of the Christian faith helping you to draw nearer to the Lord in your walk of faith!

Discovery Bible Study
Christian Military Fellowship
This study contains four lessons suitable for people who want to know how to have a relationship with God. These folks are often found in the context of following up an evangelistic eve

Hope for the Home Front Bible Study (Repackaged): Winning the Emotional and Spiritual Battles of a Military Wife
A 12-week interactive Bible study, Marshéle Carter Waddell explores the emotional and spiritual battlegrounds common in the experience of today's military wife.

Loving Your Military Man Small Group Study
Cru Military
In this ten-part study, author Bea Fishback shows military wives how to help build lifelong marriages that leave strong, stable legacies for their children and grandchildren.

Quick Step Bible Study
In CMF, we’re convinced that God has chosen to communicate to us via the Bible. It is therefore always best to study it inductively and as thoroughly as possible. Our CMF Discipleship Training Objectives (DTO’s) are a start in that direction. Also, if you will contact the Home Office, we can recommend some excellent reso

Study Materials
There is no greater gift than the Word of God. If you’ve been blessed by these resources, please consider submitting a donation of any amount so that others just like you can grow in their faith and be emboldened to lead like Christ. Thank you for your prayers and support!

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